History of Hawaii Surfing Association

Hawaii Surfing Association (HSA) was formed in the early '60s as the original 'grouping' of amateur and professional surfers from throughout the Hawaiian Islands that were organized to compete and gain recognition by other worldwide associations. The structure of HSA was to promote the sport and competitions at different locales. Creating this community and regional surfing teams helped elevate HSA's recognized stature on an international level. Now that surfing is an Olympic sport, HSA's leadership is committed to helping its members focus on their athletic skills, physical training, and short-term and long-term surfing goals as professional surfers. HSA's leadership is also committed to helping its members maintain good guidance, educational direction, and responsibility toward their families and others within their community.

About HSA Oahu

HSA Oahu is a non-profit organization that produces at least 8 amateur surfing competitions every year. Our surfing competitions feature shortboarding, longboarding, bodyboarding, kneeboarding, and standup paddleboarding. HSA Oahu has been delivering champions for over 40 years, including Derek Ho, Andy Irons, Bruce Irons, Olympic Gold Medalist Carissa Moore, Olympic Finalist John John Florence, Nathan Florence, Keanu Asing, Barron Mamiya, Ezekiel Lau, Luana Silva, Makua Roitman, Micah Moniz, Isaiah Moniz, Kelia ‘Sis’ Moniz, Josh Moniz, Seth Moniz, and more. Throughout our time as a renowned non-profit organization, we have always strived to provide each competitor with meaningful learning experiences to meet the unique needs of every competitor. To keep our vision of providing each competitor with meaningful learning experiences, our next goal is to implement priority surfing to help our competitors become more prepared to surf in the World Surf League (WSL) or International Surfing Association (ISA). 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide each surfer with meaningful learning experiences by implementing immersive learning strategies and personalized instructions to meet the unique needs of every competitor throughout the Hawaiian Islands.