• Wendell Aoki, President

    Wendell started working for HSA as a water patrol from 1976, and then became a judge in 1981. In 1992, he accepted the position as President of HSA and has remained President until today. During his time as President, he as coordinated over 200 events, helped judge at the Pro Am and Eddie Aikau Contests, advocated and succeeded for HSA to become a non-profit organization from 2003, and has recently increased the number of events held per year to better prepare HSA’s competitors to compete worldwide.

  • James Clancy, Director

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  • Raymond Shito, Treasurer & Administrator

    Raymond started off as a competitor in the 1980’s to the present. He started working as a staff member in 2008 and has since worked his way up to become Treasurer and Administrator. Raymond also retired from University of Hawaii at Manoa as Operations Manager in 2013.

  • Davey Shipley, Head Judge

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  • Kimo Leong, Head Security

    Kimo working with HASA/HSA as Water Safety in 1999. His commitment to HSA has gained him a Vice President status since 2015.  Kimo can also be seen at the major World Surf League Events in Hawaii as Event Security under his company Kanaka Security Solutions.  He is also the Security Head of the World Famous “The Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau”.  His vocation is an Iron worker Local 625 with Associated Steel Ltd.  While Leong describes himself as a big teddy bear, he’s an undeniable fixture and patriarch of Makaha, and his insight makes a lot of sense: show respect, study the water, and clean up your opala when you leave. It’s paradise, so we all share in that responsibility to keep our beaches  pristine for the keiki and generations to come. He is also known as the Kona Brewing Ambassador.

  • Hawaiian Water Patrol

    The Hawaiian Water Patrol was founded by Terry Ahue and Brian Keaulana, both former Honolulu City and County Lifeguards.
    Brian Keaulana, Terry Ahue and the Hawaiian Water Patrol team is known as the best in the world when it comes to Ocean Safety & Rescue.

  • Lisa & Dawnyel, Co-Hawai'i Island Director

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  • Milo Murguia, Kaua'i Director

    Born and raised on the island of Kauai. Started surfing career in the HAWAIIAN SURFING FEDERATION at the age of 10. Been involved ever since but took over as contest director in 2011-2012,and judged for a number of years before that. Have also judged on the WSL Hawaii judging panel.

  • John D Willard III 'Papa John', Maui Director

    Papa John was born in California as an Air Force Brat and took up surfing at the age of 19.  Arrived in Maui where  Kimokeo Kapalulehua took him under his wing and showed him want it takes to do major events, concerts and productions along with help from Rodney Kilborne.  Works as a professional photographer and has served on the board of several grassroots, community and non-profit organizations. John is a 2-ISA certified judge, and speaks Spanish, Hawaiian, Tahitian, and French as well as English. John has worked for NSSA, WSL, and at least 6 years as the director of HSA Maui.