HSA OAHU 2024-2025 Registration, Updates, & Other Info


  • We will open registration on Friday, July 12th at 6 PM.
  • Registration will close July 26th at 11:59 PM or until slots are full.
  • 2024-2025 season membership is required for this event. Please purchase it before or at the same time you register or else we will refund you.
  • Registration will be through Surf Sign-Up and slots are limited so we recommend registering as soon as possible.
  • Once registration closes and you are new to HSA, you will be receiving an email from Live Heats to create an account (which is optional) but this will allow you to add your profile picture or keep records of the place you received at our Live Scoring Events and other Live Scoring Events you register for.


  • All credits from the cancelled Hale ʻiwa Contest will be transferred to the Kūhiō Beach (Queen's) Contest. We will rename the Hale ʻiwa Contest to Queen's so that way if you are already registered, you will not be able to register again. This prevents you from double-registering for the event.
  • We also welcome anyone to register for our Queen's Contest that didn't register for our Hale ʻiwa Contest back in April 2024.


  • We will be adding the 2024-2025 season events on Surf Sign-Up within the next week. 
  • All events after the Kewalo Contest will close 10 days before the start of each event.
  • All non-HIC PRIME (Live Scoring) events will be available to register once we input it on Surf Sign-Up.
  • All HIC PRIME (Live Scoring) events will open 2 weeks before the closing date.
  • We will put it in the announcement bar once all events for the season are available to register. 
  • We will start posting event registration reminders throughout the season on Instagram, so if you're not following us already and have an Instagram, feel free to follow us or don't forget to set reminders when events are closing!
  • Our 2024-2025 season membership is required for all HIC PRIME (Live Scoring) Events.
  • Prices will remain the same as last season. For anyone new, we have our prices on our website
  • To qualify for the 2025 State Championship, you will need to:
    • Have a 2024-2025 season membership
    • Be the top 6 in your qualified division. This is based on the total points you scored throughout the season. We will not be dropping any scores.
    • Have points for at least 5 events
  • We will be updating our Frequently Asked Question's section soon to be more detailed for people who are new, what to expect at our contests, explain what our HIC PRIME events are like, and general information about our State Championship. 

If you have any questions or concerns, then feel free to email us at info@hawaiisurfingassociation.org!

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