2024 USA Surfing Championships Info

Frequently Asked Questions/Info

  1. Who is in charge of organizing the USA Championships?

    USA Surfing is the IOC-recognized National Governing Body for the sport of surfing in the USA. They are responsible for holding the USA Championships each year and for selecting the official USA Surf Team to compete internationally.

    Competition includes Adaptive, Longboard, SUP and Junior Teams

  2. What happens next after I surfed at Ala Moana Bowls?

    You don't need to do anything on your end, we will submit whoever qualified to surf Nationals to USA Surfing, and then they will e-mail you a link to register.

  3. How do I register for Nationals?

    You will be sent an e-mail from USA Surfing with a link, and then you will need to follow the instructions to register for Nationals. 

  4. What are the dates and location for Nationals?

    Depending on your division, the dates and locations are different, so please check with the USA Surfing Website to find out more info on locations and dates of when they will be running your division.

  5. How many people are going to Nationals?

    This is how much we are able to send to Nationals:
    Boys Shortboard 16-17: 7 Competitors
    Boys Shortboard 14-15: 7 Competitors
    Boys Shortboard 12-13: 5 Competitors
    Boys Shortboard 11 & Under: 4 Competitors
    Girls Shortboard 16-17: 5 Competitors
    Girls Shortboard 14-15: 5 Competitors
    Girls Shortboard 12-13: 2 Competitors
    Girls Shortboard 11 & Under: 2 Competitors

    All other divisions not mentioned, as long as you participated at the State Championship, you have been automatically qualified to surf Nationals.

  6. How do we determine who is going to Nationals?

    It is based on what place you finished at the State Championship. If there was decision needed for a split in the same placement in the semi's, for example, Girls 16-17 division we need to choose between both girls who received third place, we will prioritize whoever scored higher in the semi's/round. 

  7. What happens if there are competitors that are doubled qualified with NSSA?

    We were advised by USA Surfing this year that we have to submit the allotted amount of competitors even if they qualified with NSSA. We were told that USA Surfing will contact the HSA Director if they want us to submit more competitors, and from there we will go down the list of the next qualified so check the Live Heats ranking section to see who is the next qualified person. 

  8. When should I expect to receive an e-mail from USA Surfing?

    We have submitted all qualified competitors, so you should have received an email or should soon receive an email within the next week. Also, please check your spam folders! 

  9. Can I go on stand-by?

    Since USA Surfing is changing their procedures this year, it is best to visit their website: https://www.usasurfing.org/events.html or call them at  949-391-1010

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