Makaha Beach Updates

Aloha Everyone,

 We just wanted to make an announcement regarding the Makaha Beach Event on January 7, 8, and 15th. 

We will be opening registration on Live Heats, NOT Surf Sign-Up, next week Monday, December 19, 2022 at 6:30pm. The registration will close on Monday, January 2, 2022 or until the divisions are filled (whichever comes first).

This event will be a HSA Oahu Members only event, so no outer islands and non-members can surf this event. The current schedule we have is:

  • January 7th-8th: All 17 and Under SB Divisions*
  • January 15th: 17 and Under LB, Access Surf, 18+ LB, BB, and 18+ SB*

*Times will be determined based on expected wave heights.

We will be adding the members who have purchased a membership from our last priority surfing event until today, December 13, 2022 this coming Friday December 16th, 2022 around 6:30pm. Please check your emails because you have a time limit. If you have passed the time limit, then you will need to select the reset password option.

We have created a test event for you guys to practice for next week Monday to make sure your account is able to register for our event because we are not going to be available to help right away when we open the registration.  

Just a reminder when you register for an event, please double check the divisions you have selected because if you have selected the wrong division, we will be deducting a 6% transaction fee when refunding you. 

Also, everyone has to re-register for Makaha if you previously registered on Surf Sign-Up.

If you have any questions, please email us at

The link to where you will be registering is here:


Hawaii Surfing Association

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