Kewalo Rennicks (August 2023) Registration Update (Last Updated: 7/25/23)

Aloha Everyone,

All 17 and Under Divisions are open for everyone to register. If you aren't a HSA Oahu Member, you will not receive ratings/points for this event. If you are a HSA Oahu Member, you will receive double the points compared to non-prime events, so we will start at 2,000 points.

Here is the link to our Live Heats:

We have decided to run the following divisions:

  • Access Surf
  • Menehune 1A
  • SB Grandmaster
  • LB Open Men
  • SUP
  • SB Open Men
  • SB Master 
  • SB Sr. Men
  • SB Men
  • LB Women
  • LB Legends
  • LB Senior Men

This decision was based on how many current members are registered under each division and how many signed up for these divisions during our past events at Rennicks.

Just a reminder that spots are limited. Registration for these divisions will be on Surf SignUp since we will be charging entries at our standard rate. Registration on Surf SignUp will open on 7/17/23 at 7 P.M.

HSA Oahu

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